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Banana Aloha Bread – Honey Sweetened Clean Eating Goodness

Aloha Everyone, Its been way too long since my last post but alas I am back with a pearler of a Banana Bread to share with you. If you know Bryson and I, you would know that we pretty much have a banana bread happening in our fridge and a back up in our freezer at most times. ADDICTED is an understatement.

Honestly though, its such an easy & tasty (and the way we make it: healthy) snack to have with a cup of coffee or like Bryson does most days – take a piece to work / school as a part of his lunch haul!

Photo (1)  The best thing I find about banana bread, is that if you are transitioning over to a ‘clean’ way of eating, it still tastes unbelievably fantastic once you’ve swapped all the processed crap out and put back all the good stuff. Ive looked up some recipes and cant believe the amount of unnecessary sugar, butter, cream, etc that people are putting into whats naturally a really good thing.

Anyways, this recipe i did put raw Honey in, and by all means you can swap that out completely (just add some more applesauce for liquid volume), to amp up the sweetness without honey or your choice of sweetener, I totally recommend chopping up 4 or 5 Medjool Dates and mixing them through the batter… you wont regret that one bit, I promise.

Now, i usually use my Ninja Food processor / Mixer but this is WAY better if you keep it all chunky.. All that you will need, is one mixing bowl and one fork!! Oh the simplicity! I love it!

OK here it is:

Banana Aloha Bread



1/2 cup Unsweetened Applesauce

1/2 cup Raw Honey

4 medium Over-ripe Bananas (if you cant wait, i understand – but over ripe is totally the key)

1/3 cup Egg whites (or 2 eggs or 2 ‘flax’ eggs for a vegan option)

1 1/2 cup Gluten Free Flour ( or whole wheat)

1 cup Unsweetened Coconut Flakes

2 tsp Baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

A whole lot of Love!!

Method: (super duper easy peasy)

1. Pre-heat oven to 350.F or 180.C and lightly grease a loaf pan – I always use coconut oil

2. In a large mixing bowl, mix together the apple sauce, honey and egg whites with a fork. Break up the Bananas into chunks in the same bowl and using the fork – mash them up a bit – chunky is good so no need to get out any electric mixer. Now add the flour, baking soda and salt and fold it all together. Last, add the coconut and continue to fold. This should be very easy as it is a wet mixture

3. Pour batter into your loaf pan and Bake in oven for 45 -60 minutes – just check on it at 45 and monitor it from there on by sticking a skewer or the likes of, down the middle and when it comes out dry – we are done…

Photo (2)


Egg White Oatmeal – The REAL Breakfast of Champions

Delicious Creamy Protein-Rich Oatmeal mmmmmm

Aint Nothin’ better than this! Seriously, the first time I heard about egg white oatmeal I think I barfed a little in my mouth… And I get the exact same reaction from every other person I tell about this awesome phenomena.. All that I can say is: “Don’t knock it til you try it”… You’ll be hooked!

 The absolute truth is, when I first discovered the awesomeness of egg white oatmeal, Bryson and I ate it for breakfast everyday probably for a month straight.. Maybe longer.. We could not get enough of it. I made so many variations and flavor combinations.

We eat this before any big workout, We even ate this before our Half Marathon run a few months ago and it kept us sustained and pushing on!!

I’m sharing this particular version with you today because its probably my most common go-to preparation. The reason being is that I always have these ingredients on hand and its the lowest calorie version.

The Recipe I list below is 256 calories and it is by far the most satiating breakfast I know how to make for this few of calories!

For Bryson, who is always wanting more calories I add yummy extras like honey, Qi’a , nuts, seeds, dried fruit etc… Needless to say, the more goodies like this you add, the more bomb digity it is :)

NOTE**  I do however recommend adding honey in place of the liquid stevia, like 1 TBSP per serving (especially if it is your first time making this oatmeal) – it really is delicious and the only reason i did not make mine with it this time is because I’m counting every calorie in efforts to lose weight for my brothers upcoming wedding!




1 Cup Gluten Free Traditional Oats (I use Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain)

1/2 Cup Cage free Egg whites

1 TBSP Cinnamon

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

1 Cup Frozen Mixed Berries (Mine are an organic blend of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and pomegranate)

2-3 Drops of liquid Stevia (can sub for 1-2 TBSP of honey or agave)


1. Bring the oats to Boil with 2 cups of water, reduce to a simmer and stir until almost all of the liquid has been absorbed

2. THIS PART IS IMPORTANT: with the heat from the stove turned right down low, SLOWLY pour in your egg whites while stirring the WHOLE TIME.. the reason that part is important is because you want the eggs to mix in and make the oats creamy and fluffy opposed to having scrambled egg chunks in your oatmeal!!!

At this point you should notice that your oatmeal has transformed into a creamy fluffy breakfast for the gods and almost doubled in size…

yes?? great!!

3. Stir in all other ingredients and add the sweetener portion (stevia, honey etc) to your own preference

Serve warm and enjoy

Aloha xx Carleigh

Majik Monday – Time To Get Inspired


Aloha… and a beautiful, happy, healthy Monday to everyone!

Its no secret, I LOVE Mondays.. The endless potential of the upcoming week always inspires me to re-focus and re-energize myself to be the best version of me. Monday ALWAYS seems like the BEST day to hone in on a new goal – whatever it may be

Perhaps its my years of “diet begins monday” (lol), that has left me with the sense that everything can be accomplished on this day.. I think if I was to create a weekly flow chart of my drive and will power, my peak is sunday nights pep talk and monday mornings enthusiasm :)

So, here we are, monday morning and I type this in my workout gear as I sip on my protein berry smoothie. Whats the goal for this week?

Well, on a back note: March is a celebratory Month for Bryson and I – It’s my Birthday and Wedding Anniversary month, as well as a significant amount of other friends and families birthdays that we intend to celebrate..


This was a gluten free orange and poppyseed cake (my fav) with cream cheese icing! *so bad… but oh so goooooood*


So much fun!!! Our precious little boy Francis celebrating his Mama’s 30th… as you can tell, we had a Hawaiian Themed Soiree.

(Some Pics from one of my THREE birthday parties.. yes i said three!! )

I wont lie, all the festivities so far have left me with some extra unwanted pounds (and we are only half way through the month eeeeek).  So today, this fine Monday, I intend to not only nourish my body with healthy, nutritious foods. But i feel most importantly, that i need to nourish my mind and be gentle on myself, accepting that life indeed happens when we are on a mission to achieving our goals. Having guilt and negative thoughts that surround what in essence, is a whole lot of fun and quality time with loved ones (lets face it – unfortunately that usually means over indulging in this day and age), well… that’s no good for anything progressive! Nor is it a way of getting back on track.

Today i am reminding myself that success is not always a straight line upwards and that i am capable and powerful :) Sounds good right!?


After all…


With balance in mind, I am starting my day off with Jamie Eason’s 15 Minute Workout (this is my 3rd day since committing to do it daily and boy am I feeling the sleepy muscles burn), followed by a Yoga session before getting ready to ride my bike down to work.

I have pre planned my meals for today making sure i stick to my goal of 1200 calories, I use MyFitnessPal and I have to say, if you are looking for a great calorie counting app / website to keep your food goals in check, than this or Lose It are 2 wonderful sources that I’ve successfully used to lose/ manage my weight loss and fitness goals. Maybe this Monday is the Monday to get started :)

So here i am, feeling equip and ready to take on today and this week.. I have marked on the calendar 4 runs this week which I intend to keep. I am feeling inspired and totally ready to chase dreams and take wins.. Who’s with me? What are your goals?

Today and Always, Be Well!!

Aloha xx Carleigh

Jamie Eason’s 15 Minute Home Workout Routine

Jamie Eason's 15 Minute Home Workout Routine

For sometime now I have been boycotting the idea that we must pay expensive gym memberships to get in shape. The great outdoors beckon me with the endless possibilities of adventure, sweat and reaching maximum heart rate!
Non the less, rainy days occur and unfortunately, so do lazy ones. Thats why short little routines like this are really great and more often than not, getting started is all thats needed. After a 15 minute session like this one, I am more likely to be in the mood to go for a run or pick up the weights and continue on with a nice workout.
Bryson and I are always on the search for nice workout routines – We really enjoy not having to think about what we should do next. We have both followed Jamie Easons free Live Fit training plan and loved it. If it works for Jamie, it works for us… Both Bryson and I are dedicating ourselves to adding this 15 minute routine to our daily workouts.
Aloha xx Carleigh

Home Made * Non-Toxic * Multi Purpose Cleaning Spray

“Waste not Want not”…. I heard that line over and over again from my Mother throughout my growing up (she is one wise woman) – I used to think it was kind of a funny saying, like it didn’t really make grammatical sense to me as a child. I guess it stuck with me though because I honestly get so much joy from using all aspects of my food. There is indeed an innate and primal feeling that stirs inside me when I use, reuse and repurpose anything really, but food especially! I believe it is our true nature as human beings to be resourceful.


I mentioned a couple of blogs ago that i was doing a Juice Cleanse and in which case was left with a freezer full of Pulp to cook and bake with. Well, after tossing a bunch of citrus skins down the garbage disposal it left me wondering what i could do with a bulk amount of them instead. So of course i consulted with my trusty friend ‘google’ and within minutes i had found the ultimate solution to use the skins AND the mass amount of Mason jars i had lying around. *DRUM ROLL* … A beautifully scented eco-friendly Multi Purpose Cleaning Spray!! Yesssssss!!

Firstly a little note on citrus peel, their oils and why they are the bomb digity!!

Ok, The peel of a citrus fruit like lemon, orange, grapefruit, lime etc, stores the fruits essential oil. The key constituent to these citrus peels is ‘Limonene’ which gives citrus fruit their familiar aroma, hence why it is commonly used in perfume and many household cleaners for its fragrance. However just a fragrance it is not – in fact, thats just a pleasant by-product of this nifty little compound.  What makes it more so appealing is that it’s also an effective, environmentally friendly, and safe solvent, which is why many commercial products use this active ingredient in their mass marketed (and highly toxic) adhesive and stain removers, cleaners of various sorts, and strippers. Not only is Limonene a wonderful solvent but it also has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

BAM!!! What more could you ask for when looking for a safe multipurpose spray?? 



Simple Simple Simple Recipe:

Ok, So really all you will need to make this surface cleaner is:

  • Citrus Peel (i’ve used orange and grapefruit)
  • Air tight container  (i used mason jars)
  • Distilled White Vinegar
  • Water 
  • Salt
  • Cinnamon Sticks (optional but totally worth it for the fragrance)


1. Place your citrus peel into mason jar one by one and adding the tiniest pinch of salt to each piece as it goes in (the salt will help extract the oils from the peel)


2. Once your jar is full of peel, add a few cinnamon sticks, screw on the lid and let stand for a few hours. this will allow the oils to become aromatic.


3. After the few hours are up fill the jar to the top with vinegar.


4. This is the hardest part… LEAVE THEM ALONE! The longer you leave them to sit the better smell they will have – a few weeks at least to get rid of the vinegar smell. Personally, i love the look of them as a kitchen window display and it does make an interesting conversation piece when people see them :) 


5. Get yourself a spray bottle, or reuse an old one you have around the house and empty the liquid portion of your concoction into it. VOILAAAA – you have your own spray that makes a wonderful cleaner and great gifts for your crafty, eco and DIY friends.


Motivating Monday

Monday (1)


And a happy, lovely, joyful, inspiring Monday to all…

I love Mondays! I really do! There is something about the fresh start of a new week that makes me feel like the world is my oyster, that my dreams are achievable and that I have fresh new outlook on how to progress towards my goals. If the weekend didn’t go as planned or I happened to indulge a little too much than id have liked on one of my more conscious and wiser moments, then there is always the wonderful new and forgiving Monday that comes around and says “It’s ok champ, we got this!”



Monday gives me the opportunity to map out my upcoming week and decide the short term goals I want to achieve. I look at my calendar and schedule the workouts i want to get in, what activities id like to do and even get some healthy meal prepping done.



So this is what I’m going to do: Each monday I am going to share with you, my blogger friends, some motivating and inspiring pictures, videos and stories so that together we can get get the week started with a brilliant attitude and a determination to make each day ahead count towards our goals of health, wealth, fitness and ultimate happiness! 

Whilst this week will be short and sweet, I want to share with you a youtube video that I never get sick of. This motivational clip gets me fired up every time and pulls me from the couch to lacing up my running shoes. Its the butt kick i often need when im doing a little too much ‘wishing’ instead of a lot of ‘working’ :)

i hope it does the same for you! Blessings for a beautiful, exciting and adventurous week ahead. Aloha xx Carleigh



The Best EVER Clean Eating GRANOLA Recipe


Ok, so its been a little while since my last blog post so i’m going to go all out and give my most prized recipe! This is seriously the best granola ever!! Ever!!! I’ve been mastering ye ol’ granola for some time now. It is probably the single most baked item in my house. I make a stock pile, it gets eaten daily then my husband gives me warning its running low so with luck I make a new batch before a day goes by that we might not have any in the pantry.

Now I will be honest – its  impossible to make a ridiculously good granola low calorie, so its mainly my husband that eats this with his amazing fiery metabolism, but i do snack on a few crunchy balls of goodness pretty often and i am always having ‘just one’ (which automatically means 3) spoonfuls of his bowl .

This stuff is so good, Bryson actually takes it to friends houses as snacks when they are watching UFC fights or pre BBQ snacking, which i think is hilarious- but flattering none the less!! AND, I am constantly asked the recipe when people try it..

So here it is… Oh one more thing… I have played around with so many different varieties and experimented with all different flavor combinations and really, they are all good. What I am going to give you here is the base model – basically any extras is going to make this granola better and better though, as far as consistency and basic flavor- this is what you are looking for:


4 cups Gluten free oats

1 cup Unsweetened Coconut Flakes

1 cup Nuts of choice (I love almonds and brazil nuts the best – super crunchy and yummy)

1/2 cup mixed seeds (like chia, sesame, flax, hemp) my new fav mix is Qi’a

1 cup diced Dry Fruit (dates, cranberries, raisins, apricots, goji etc.)

1 pinch Salt **optional

1 TBSP Cinnamon powder (Pumpkin Spice is Amazing too – half and half of each also works great)

1/2 cup Raw Honey

3/4 cup Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

1 TBSP Pure Vanilla Extract





***easy peasy lemon squeezie*** I use my Ninja Food Processor and it makes this entire process so very easy!!

  • Preheat oven to 325 F / 165 C
  • Mix all dry ingredients together
  • Add wet ingredients and mix through well. (in my Ninja, this literally takes less than 30 seconds but if you are doing it by hand you may want to get messy and get your clean hands all up in there to make sure all the moisture is evenly distributed.)
  • Add mixture to baking trays and separate the clumps just a little  – dont worry too much as big crunchy clusters is the what you want anyway .. mmmmmmm
  • Put in the oven and let them bake away until they are GOLDEN BROWN (around 30 mins) – turning and breaking up big clumps  a couple of times in between
  • NOTE** When they first come out of the oven, they wont be totally crunchy, let them cool off and you will have crunch little golden balls of goodness..
  • Store in airtight container  and ENJOY the fruits of your labor



I would love to hear any feedback from anyone who tries this and or makes adjustments

Many Blessings and Healthful Adventures Ahead xxx


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